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Natuur Cranendonck
Recreatiepark Cranendonck

Different centres with their own identity

The municipality of Cranendonck is located to the east of De Groote Heide and is named after Cranendonck Castle. The original caste dates back to the 13th century and was located centrally between several hamlets. It is now a castle villa, but the outlines of the old castle are still visible.

Cranendonck has few residents, but a lot of nature. It has streams, brooks and rivers, beautiful woodlands and miles and miles of cycling and hiking trails. With nearly 21,000 inhabitants and 80 km2 of surface area it is one of the smaller municipalities of De Groote Heide. But when it comes to ​​space, nature and area, Cranendonck most assuredly belongs to the 'bigger' ones.

Gemeentehuis Cranendonck

De municipality of Cranendonck is a combination of the municipalities of Budel and Maarheeze. Cranendonck has several centres: Budel, Budel-Dorplein, Budel-Schoot, Gastel, Maarheeze and Soerendonk. Cranendonck is named after the Cranendock estate and castle (13th century) – that at the time already served as a centre for several hamlets in the region.

Recreatiepark Cranendonck

Cranendonck has much to offer to nature lovers, as it is part of both De Groote Heide nature border park and the Kempen-Broek border park.

Buulder Aa

Multifaceted municipality

The municipality of Cranendonck is where Brabant and Limburg meet, where Belgium and the Netherlands imperceptably flow into each other amid pure quiet and relaxation. From nature to the vibrant atmosphere of outdoor cafes.

Cranendonck is an ideal place for travellers or people looking for a peaceful holiday. The municipality offers many different types of accommodation: camp sites, guesthouses, bed & breakfasts en group accommodation.

Pure enjoyment

Cranendonck has much to offer nature lovers and modern holiday-makers. The many forests and nature areas all have their own flora and fauna for visitors to enjoy fully.

Cranendonck is a lovely varied place to live or stay. The various centres each have their own charm and are all lively places with never a dull day.

About the municipality

Cranendonck (19,308 acres – 20,335 residents) is a municipality with multiple centres set in a rural area, next to the A2 motorway between Eindhoven and Weert, with both a train station and an airport (Kempen Airport). De villages of Budel, Budel-Dorplein, Budel-Schoot, Gastel, Maarheeze and Soerendonk each have their own identity.