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Vennen Valkenswaard
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Natural Valkenswaard: hiking municipality of the year 2016

Valkenswaard is the most western municipality of De Groote Heide. It is a vibrant municipality with many activities and events on offer. There are several museums and the Dommel river offers a number of activities for recreation. A special nature area within the municipality is De Malpie. Its diverse landscape alternates between forest, heath, fens and rivers. A GPS tour is a fun and educational way to explore the area.

Venbergse watermolen Valkenswaard

Located on the edge of De Malpie nature reserve is the Venberg Water Mill. After a day in the woods its outdoor terrace (in summer) or cafe (in winter) is a welcome place to rest for a while.

Luchtfoto centrum Valkenswaard

A beautiful aerial view of the city centre of Valkenswaard, where there's always something going on. Its many bars and restaurants and places of culture have something to offer any visitor to the area.


The many faces of Valkenswaard

Valkenswaard is a vibrant municipality where there's never a dull day. It is a good place to live, work and relax. Why? Easy, because the possibilities in Valkenswaard are endless.

Hiking Municipality of the Year 2016

The municipality of Valkenswaard, consisting of the towns of Valkenswaard, Dommelen, Borkel and Schaft, is an exuberant municipality in the heart of the Dutch Kempen. Valkenswaard has a surprisingly versatile range of services on offer when it comes to community, culture, sports and recreation. The municipality is truly a place for bon vivants, for lovers of nature, culture aficionados, funshoppers, culinary connoisseurs, pub-crawlers and sports fans. But there's also more than enough to do for small children. With the 'Discovery of De Malpie Hike' the municipality of Valkenswaard was awared the title of Hiking Municipality of the Year on 18 May 2016. This annual competition is an initiative of 'Te Voet', the leading hiking newspaper of the Netherlands.

Live life to the fullest!

A museum visit, canoe trip on the Dommel, a nice shopping spree or a refreshing beverage at one of the many outdoor cafes. Almost every single weekend there's something going on in or around the various towns. The city centre comes to life bright and early, before the day has well and truly started. And one doesn't have to travel far to experience the serenity and beauty of De Groote Heide. In other words: there is much to love about Valkenswaard!

About the municipality

Valkenswaard is a municipality in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. This municipality in the Kempen has 30,494 residents on 56.50 km² (of which 1.15 km² water). The municipality in its current form was created in 1934 by merging the then separate municipalities of Valkenswaard, Dommelen and Borkel en Schaft.

Want to know more? Please visit the website of Valkenswaard or the website of VVV De Groote Heide.