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De Groote Heide has many special places!


Special places

De Groote Heide boasts a great many special places. Natural areas such as De Malpie and Beverbeekse Heide of course, but also historical monuments. Heeze Castle and the Achelse Kluis are beautiful examples of this. And around De Groote Heide there are also many old mills with long and rich histories. During your cycling or hiking trip, a short visit to these monumental buildings is more than worth the effort. These special places are often centuries old and still in use. Of course not always in the same capacity, but with a new and modern purpose: as a restaurant for example.

Achelse Kluis

The Achelse Kluis is a nice example of a sight worth seeing on De Groote Heide. This historic property has been part of the landscape for as long as people can remember. To this day the St. Benedict Abbey is a beautiful place that attracts many visitors.

Heeze Castle

Heeze Castle is an ancient castle with a rich history. While there are currently people living there, it is possible to take a tour or even organise a party. And I challenge you to find a wedding location more fairytale-like than this one!

Below we have compiled a list of some of the sights:

Achelse Kluis

Heeze Castle

Geldrop Castle

The Venbergen Water Mill

Cranendonck Castle

Various mills

Dommel and Warmbeek/Tongelreep

Strijper Aa, Budeler Aa, Sterkselsche Aa and Grote Aa



A varied area with several special locations that can be reached by bike, on foot, by car or on horseback. So come visit the area and take in all the sights of De Groote Heide.

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Monuments are beautiful sights that often have a rich history. Here in the six municipalities of De Groote Heide there are many interesting and fun facts to discover about them. The area also has much to offer when it comes to art and culture, including multiple exhibition spaces, Work from different periods of art history are displayed alongside work of local artists exhibiting their creations. Click below to find out more: