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More rivers!

In addition to the Dommel and the Warmbeek / Tongelreep there are a number of rivers in De Groote Heide. These are more on the eastern side of the area and have a feature: they all end at Aa. Some of you are going to ring a bell, some also do not. There are four rivers, namely the Strijper Aa, Buulder Aa, Strength Aa and the Great Aa. On this page they are all covered!

Strijper Aa

The Strijper Aa is a brook in North Brabant. On the Belgian-Dutch border this river originates. In the context of barter settlement the river was drawn. As the river was retracted, he no longer flows through, but along the Soerendonks Goor. To the east of Leenderstrijp, the stream continues to Leende, where the Strijper Aa meets with the Buulder Aa and rises in the Groote Aa.

Buulder Aa

The Buulder Aa originates east of the Belgian Hamont. Soon afterwards the river crosses the border and runs along Budel and Soerendonk. On the way, the river Cranendonck crosses. Between Maarheeze and Soerendonk the river has come together with the canalized Boschloop, from here the river goes north-west. To the south-east of Leende, the river meets the Strijper Aa, together they form the Grand Aa.

The Groote Aa is thus formed by Strijper Aa and the Buulder Aa. The river flows from Leende in the northeast to Heeze. The Groote Aa is located between the Leenderbos / Valkenshorst and Strabrechtse Heide / Herbertusbossen. Several beautiful natural areas can be found nearby. Later the river goes along with the Strength Aa in the Kleine Dommel.

On the border of North Brabant and Limburg (NE) near Maarheeze, the Sterkselse Aa is formed. Next to the Strong canal flows the small river. The canal is designed to drain water from Limburg, which means that the Sterkselse Aa only supplies water from Brabant. Waterschap de Dommel is however busy to ensure that the Sterkselse Aa retains its original function. At Heeze Castle, Groote Aa and the Strength Aa come together to form the Small Dommel.