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De Groote Heide covers territory of six municipalities. All of these municipalities have tourist offices with comprehensive information about activities in the region. This includes information on what's on offer, places of interest and fun arrangements! But also information about ways to make your stay more enjoyable: food & drink, outdoor cafés, activities with children and overnight options. The main focus of De Groote Heide is nature, while tourist offices focus more on tourism and recreation. Find out for yourself what information they have that we don't.

Kasteel Cranendonck

Cranendonck Castle, Soerendonk. This place is sometimes referred to as the most enjoyable backwater of the Netherlands. The castle is not in original condition, but that makes it no less beautiful.

Achelse Kluis

The Achelse Kluis, also known as the Saint Benedict Abbey, is located on the Dutch-Belgian border. It is one of the Hamont-Achel's main tourist attractions.

Cranendonck is a traditionally Burgundian town known for its hospitality, on the border with Limburg and Belgium. Cranendonck has its own tourist office and is a rather large municipality in terms of surface area, with a population of around 20.000.  Cranendonck Castle is a very beautiful building and popular tourist destination. Cranendonck Tourist Office>

The municipality in De Groote Heide with the most inhabitants is Eindhoven, a vibrant city where there is always something going on. Take the annual Glow Festival, for example, an excellent time of year to enjoy the lovely nature of the green southern side of Eindhoven (where De Groote Heide begins). And Eindhoven has much more to offer than nature alone. This is Eindhoven>

Hamont-Achel is located on the southern side of the Dutch-Belgian border. The town is known for its extensive bicycle network. Here you can spend hours cycling through gorgeous nature and past beautiful buildings. The Achelse Kluis is worth its weight in gold for Hamont-Achel. This place is well worth a visit, if only to sample one of its locally brewed trappist beers. Hamont-Achel Tourism >

Heeze-Leende is a municipality near the city of Eindhoven. Its unique surroundings, that stretch all the way to the Belgian border, is a true outdoor paradise for hiking, cycling, bicycle racing, mountain biking and horse riding. The district is home to Heeze Castle, an ancient castle that is still in use, if no longer by knights. Heeze-Leende Tourist Office >

The municipality of Neerpelt is the southernmost point of De Groote Heide. In the area are endless possibilities for cycling and walking in nature. The municipality also has a number of play forests where there is hours of fun to be had for and with children. Neerpelt offers a diverse range of activities, see it here! Neerpelt Tourism >

The municipality of Valkenswaard is a place for lovers of life, nature and culture, for funshoppers and culinary connoisseurs, and for walkers and sports enthusiasts. And there is also plenty to do for the little ones. Neerpelt is a lovely municipality where you can easily spend hours or even days on end. Valkenswaard Tourist Office>

Have a look at our page for a selection of accommodation option on De Groote Heide. There are many different options, from hotels and B&Bs to campsites and holiday parks. 

The three tourist offices of Cranendonck, Heeze-Leende and Valkenswaard are all part of one umbrella organisation, the De Groote Heide Tourist Office. Its website has all the information you need about day trips, food & drink, accommodation and events.selection of different accommodations on De Groote Heide. This varies between hotels, campsites, B & Bs and holiday parks. More information>